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Bronze lasts forever

The material which is most used for sculptures is bronze. For a good reason or for even more than one.Because of its fine texture and durability. Bronze is an alloy. A Metal alloy which contains 90% copper and 10% tin. The mixture might vary but for standard explanations this is the formula. The until today existing antique bronze sculptures of the greek and roman culture are the proof of it's everlasting Quality. The Persian word berinj for bronze is often mentioned as origin of the term Bronze.

Patina for Bronze sculptures

Of course we are not going to reveal our family recepies and tell you exactly which corrosive metals we use to apply the patina after the finishing and polishing the raw sculpture.

When you have seen some of our examples at this website you will know the difference which it makes. The variations of colors applied at different parts of our Art works are the final step before we deliver the sculptures to our clients.

madonna bronze standard brownbronze angel light brown patinamadonna green multi color patinajesus our lordpraying bronze angelsto nino de cebu

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