Ang Lin-ay Sang Iloilo

Scupltures in any size and Material.

Made at German Standards in the


Making of female molds

It consists of a thin layer of silicone rubber with a stabilizing plaster of paris skin with mostly two reusable mold halves. Silicone molds are needed for the lost wax process to produce a very accurate detail, hollow image of the model in wax. This is processed after filling with molding compound at the seam and the feeding tube, provided with sprues and steel pins for the fixation of the nucleus as a whole, and finally embedded in resin. Just one way we offer to make female molds.

Finishing your art work

Whether you like your cast skin kept, grinded, sanded or polished, we will do it for you.

Restorations and repairs

You have a old or damaged art work? We can fix it for you! Restorations are one of our many specialties, as you can see in ourĀ References.

Shipping and assembling

No way is to far. Our experienced team of specialists assists you assembling your art works.