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Sto Nino de Cebu

Sto Nino is the guardian of Cebu. The holy Child of Cebu is a roman Catholic statue. Sto Nino is spanish and means holy child. It is one of the oldest religious images in the Philippines. The first original brought to the Philippines was made out of wood and is still kept in the Basilica minore del Sto Nino in Cebu City.

This Sto Nino statue is made by bronze.

Sto Nino de cebu

Bronze Sto Nino in two different sizes

1. height 33 cm length 20 cm wide 17 cm weight 6.0 kg

Price: 930.00 USD

2. height 62 cm length 37 cm wide 30 cm weight 25 kg

Price: 2230.00 USD

Since every sculpture is available in any size and material please contact us for further information's or order one of the above available sculptures of Sto Nino.

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